Rules & Procedures


No dangerous play is allowed. 
No body checking, pushing, elbow, slash, hook, chop, trip
This is not league hockey; it is recreational hockey with lots of skating, passing, etc. 
No puck or ice hog is allowed, pass a lot….skate hard & fast & get off the ice at the buzzer. 
No slap shots especially with people in front of the net. 
If there is an injured player, please stop the play immediately. 
Do not abuse the goalie.
No chopping at the mitt or blocker after they smother the puck. 
Let the defensive team take the puck over the blues after a goal, off sides, puck out, or goalie smother the puck. 
If there is a problem between skater’s, please try to be adult & nicely talk to each other, or please see me or whoever is organizing the skate
No retaliation is allowed.  

Let’s play fun hockey, never play anyone too hard
Give novice skaters a chance to touch the puck.